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From portraits to forensics, photography careers combine technical ability and creativity into an art form that preserves memories, captures beauty, educates, informs and protects the public. A career in photography can take a person around the world, provide in-depth understanding of a product to a consumer, increase scientific knowledge, connect families and friends or help solve crime. With the wide range of jobs and careers in photography, a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Photography provides the foundation for photographers to concentrate on one photographic specialty or provide a broad range of services to businesses and consumers.

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Earn your photography degree from The Art Institute Online, offering the challenge and quality of a traditional classroom and the flexibility to fit education into your life.

Online Graphic Design Degree

The demand for professional photographers is increasing, and is expected to continue to grow as more businesses and organizations require the talent and skills of highly trained photographers. These careers are considered competitive, but also offer plenty of opportunity for those with the right skills, talent and education.  A Bachelor of Science in Photography, Associate of Science in Photographic Imagery or related photography design degree can increase the chance of securing employment as a

  • Forensic photographer.
  • Scientific photographer.
  • Industry-specific or catalog photographer.
  • Portrait photographer.
  • Photojournalist.

The increase of online news outlets, e-Books and other technology-based mediums has presented a demand for photographers with a background in digital design, graphic design or visual communications. Professional photographers may be expected to know and understand equipment, color theory, ethical concerns and even specific scientific information as it relates to research or forensic purposes. Many of these disciplines are included in an Online Photography Degree program that combines photography skills with the current demand for technical expertise as well as industry-specific requirements such as those in research, science or forensics.    

Photographers have the ability to change the world through the magic of the camera. These artistic and creative professionals bring ideas, concepts and meaning to a world filled with black and white text.

What can you do with your photography degree?

By graduation, you will have acquired the training and portfolio necessary to interview for an entry-level position as a production artist, graphic designer, assistant art director, production coordinator, and computer artist at ad agencies, design studios, publishing houses, corporate communications departments and TV studios.

With a graphic design degree, you can consider many rewarding and creative careers! Potential career paths include print design, web page and multimedia design, art director, production artist or marketing communication specialist.

Earn your Photography Degree Online

Explore these accredited online graphic design degree programs below and request free no obligation information from any that interest you. We recommend getting information from several schools so you can compare the programs, costs, time commitments and financial aid options.

The Art Institute of Pittsburgh - Online Division

The Art Institute of Pittsburgh - Online Division

Photography - Bachelor of Science

End your search for Pittsburgh photography degree programs at The Art Institute of Pittsburgh. We offer a bachelor’s level Photography degree program where students can learn about this evolving industry.

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